About us

We’re Ethan and Carly Zierke. We’re launching Sweet Season Farm in 2022.

We sell veggies through our CSA, the Decorah Farmer’s Market, and the Iowa Food Hub. We are beginning farmers who have access to land through an incubator opportunity at Canoe Creek Produce. We produce nutritious food using regenerative practices that improve the health of the land we work.

Ethan grew up in Iowa City. He farms to combine his love of working outdoors and his passion for delicious food. He can’t wait to swap recipes with our CSA members.

Carly is originally from Northeast Iowa in Marquette. She comes at farming from her interests in the environment, natural systems, and health. She also makes the beautiful soaps you’ll see on our site and at the market!

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Our mission:

Sweet Season Farm works to preserve and celebrate Iowa’s rich topsoil while contributing to a resilient local food system.

The wonderful thing about food is you get three votes a day. Every one of them has the potential to change the world.

— Michael Pollan