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Our 2023 CSA signup is closed for the season. Please subscribe to our email list so you know when we start taking signups for 2024!

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a weekly vegetable subscription. CSA is a reciprocal relationship between the farmer and the eater. The eater pays for their CSA “share” of produce at the beginning of the season. This helps the farmer purchase the seeds and supplies they need to grow your vegetables.

In return for your early support of the farm, our goal is to: 

  • Provide a diverse mix of produce your family can use
  • Offer clean, high-quality produce that you can quickly turn into a meal in your kitchen
  • Give you the inspiration you need to make use of new vegetables. 
  • Let you know how to store your vegetables to increase their shelf life
  • Reduce waste and make sure you love your box by allowing you to swap out one veggie per week.

Our CSA boxes are available in two sizes. The regular share contains approximately 10 items per week and is ideal for families or couples who eat vegetables with most meals. The small share contains approximately 6 items per week and is great for small families and individuals who are concerned about receiving more vegetables than they can eat in the span of a week.

Great value and experience for families. This has been a great opportunity to introduce a variety of veggies to my young children.

2022 CSA member

How it works

Weekly pickup at one of the following times/locations:

  • Wednesdays 3-6 p.m. at Decorah Farmers Market
  • Saturdays 8-11 a.m. at Decorah Farmers Market

Wednesday pickup runs for 16 weeks from 6/14-10/4. Saturday pickup runs 6/17-10/7. We take a one-week break the week of Nordic Fest (Wed. 7/26 & Sat. 7/29).

Every week, we will send an email detailing what items you can expect in the box along with recipe ideas, storage tips, and preserving methods. Our goal is to provide the inspiration you need to use the less familiar items in your box (hello, radicchio and winter radish!)

For the nitty gritty details on how everything works, please view our CSA Handbook.

Our crops

Below we have listed the vegetables we’re planning to grow for CSA in 2023. Harvest is never a guarantee, but we plan to provide as many of these vegetables as we can! Please note: No one farm can grow it all! A small number of the following crops are grown by Canoe Creek Produce, our farm incubator host (green beans, broccolini) and some (potatoes) are grown by other organic farms in the area.

June: Radishes, lettuce mix, greens mix, head lettuce, arugula, salad turnips, beets, bok choy, kale, green onions, snap peas, carrots, dill, cilantro, kohlrabi, green garlic

July-Aug.: Most of the above + basil, garlic scapes, cabbage, cucumbers, fennel, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, slicer tomatoes, sweet corn, eggplant, edamame, leeks, onions, sweet corn, green beans, melon, broccolini

Sept-Oct.: Most of the above + garlic, peppers, winter squash, potatoes, winter radish, radicchio

The quality and variety are great. I enjoy that the veggies are chosen for us each week, this pushes me to try to try things I would not normally.

2022 CSA member

Click through the gallery of last year’s CSA boxes (all regular size) to get an idea of what a typical week might look like. Please keep in mind that you will not receive these exact vegetables in this order.

We respond to our CSA members’ needs. Most of our regular share members last year were splitting their boxes with friends and roommates, so some duplicate items were included.

Member perks:

Being a CSA member is so much more than just a box of veggies! You will also receive…

Mule/Mule mocktail from our 2022 CSA member open house. Members had the opportunity to tour the farm and see where their food comes from each week.
  • An invite to join our CSA Member Facebook Group where members ask questions and share ideas & inspiration
  • Printable vegetable storage guide to help you get the most out of your produce
  • Printable pickup calendar and Google Calendar 
  • Weekly email letting you know what’s coming in your box plus recipes/inspiration
  • Option to swap out one item per week at pickup
  • Tour the farm during our annual open house
  • First dibs on bulk items
  • First dibs on Farm-to-Table dinner tickets

CSA Add-Ons

Support several local farmers and businesses all in one stop by choosing CSA add-ons to go with your share. This year, we have flowers from Canoe Creek Produce, eggs from Sam & Jen Beard, bread from Cluck Ewe Farm, and coffee from Impact Coffee. Explore add-on options here.


The price of your CSA share gives you an entire 16 weeks of abundance during the height of Iowa’s growing season. You will receive all the veggies you need for a week plus some you can freeze, store, and enjoy throughout the winter. We’ll teach you how!

Regular Share – $500

Receives approximately $31 of value per CSA box for 16 weeks plus all the benefits listed above

Small Share – $300

Receives approximately $19 of value per CSA box for 16 weeks plus all the benefits listed above

Do you need more options to pay for your share? We can make arrangements to accept EBT, WIC/Senior checks, and other coupons and combine payment options on a weekly basis to make CSA work for you! Please email Carly at to make arrangements.

Take the CSA “Personality” quiz

Take this quiz to find out what CSA option is best for you depending on your family size, how you like to cook, and more.