Market Share

Get more bang for your buck at the Decorah Farmers Market! Load up $100 now and score an extra 10% ($110) to spend on fresh veggies at our stand. 🥕🍅 Stretch your fresh, local produce dollars further with us and choose any veggies you like!

You’ll pay $100 and receive an extra 10% ($110) as a thank-you for supporting us early in the season. You can use your credit at our stand at the Decorah Farmers Market to purchase vegetables (no soap or body products). Sign up by May 1!

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How it works

How does a transaction work?

With the Market Share, you’ll choose your veggies in-person at the Decorah Farmers Market and we’ll swipe your card. It’s that easy! We keep your card on file with us so you don’t need to remember to bring anything with you.

How can I check my balance?

After you make a purchase at the market, we will be able to tell you how much you have left on your card. You can also email and we will check your balance ASAP.

Will my credit expire?

Yes, your credit will expire at the end of the season, so people purchase an amount that you can use. We recommend starting at $100 as most people have no trouble using this during the season.

Can I purchase more than $100 of credit?

Yes, you can indicate that in the notes when you submit your form. We recommend $100 because we hate to see credit go unused! However, if you’re confident you can use more veggies that that, you certainly can purchase more!

Can I add more credit after the deadline (May 1)?

Yes, you can add more credit any time throughout the season. However, you will not receive 10% extra for mid-season purchases. However, many people add credit anyway because it’s so convenient to use market share credit!

Can I donate my credit at the end of the year?

You sure can! If you would like to clear your balance at the end of the year, all you have to do is let us know and we will put it towards the produce that we donate to the Decorah Community Food Pantry.

Fill out our signup form to get started. After you complete the form, we will email you payment information. Our preferred payment method is a check mailed to: Sweet Season Farm, 2264 200th St., Calmar, IA 52132. Please let us know if you prefer to pay by credit card, PayPal, or Venmo with a 3% credit card fee ($103).

Please email Carly ( with questions.