On the menu: Find Sweet Season Farm veggies at local restaurants

Some of my personal favorite outlets for our produce are local restaurants! We feel really lucky to have formed great relationships with some local restaurants who truly appreciate the value of sourcing local produce when possible. We love to sing their praises because every time someone buys a meal at these restaurants, it sends the message that folks really do care about where their food comes from and this encourages other restaurants to look local first when sourcing their ingredients.

Babaganoush special bowl at Blazing Star

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the local eateries who are ordering produce from us this year:

Blazing Star

Blazing Star was established in 2020 by Sarah Cousins and Hannah Garry out of a desire to see more vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free dining options in Decorah that celebrated food growers & producers in the region. They started off as a small event catering business and soon expanded to weekly pop-ups featuring rotating seasonal rice bowls, salads and house-made dessert options. They are now serving up delicious vegetarian bowls, salads, small bites, and desserts at their new brick and mortar location at 120 E Water St. They contacted us about buying our produce pretty much right away this year and they have been loyal supporters of our farm all season long. Everything on their menu is bursting with local flavor, beaming with skillful presentation, and served up by some of the nicest folks in town. Help us make sure they become a mainstay here in Decorah!

Water Street Deli

Water Street Deli is another downtown eatery that opened this year. Logan Clements and his full-service takeout deli has made it his mission to expose Decorah to the finer things in life, ranging from the highest quality cured meats and cheeses to super fresh local produce for their sandwiches and salads. If you’re looking for a sandwich that will certainly brighten your day and maybe even change your life, look no further than Water Street Deli.

La Rana Bistro

La Rana Bistro is one of our favorite restaurants in town and is our go-to for birthdays, anniversaries, family visits, or really any special occasion (or really any reason we deem eligible for treating ourselves). Their head chef, Carina Cavagnaro, is so passionate about great food and truly appreciates seasonality as well as the role local growers play in this community. When you go, get yourself a cocktail and order the special. I always do and I always leave wondering how every single bite tasted so great!

Luna Valley Farm

Luna Valley Farm is your destination for delicious pizza and a beautiful on-farm experience. Tom and Maren Beard have made their pizza the perfect canvas for locally grown ingredients. Even the fuel source for their pizza oven is Burr Oak that is harvested, split, and seasoned, right there on the farm. It doesn’t get much more local than that! Tom and Maren are talented and experienced growers themselves and they have been great supporters of our farm this year through their regular orders of herbs, as well as cherry tomatoes and jalapeños most recently for their pizza, The August. Every time we drop off our produce, Maren asks us how things are going and has a kind or encouraging word to share.

Twin Springs Supper Club

Twin Springs Supper Club provides the ultimate supper club experience in the form of tasty cocktails and award-winning steaks and seafood. The owner, Roumel Reynon is a seasoned hospitality professional with over 35 years of restaurant experience and this is reflected in his hands-on approach to restaurant ownership. You can’t visit Twin Springs without meeting Roumel as he makes it his priority to introduce himself to each and every table to ask how you’re enjoying your meal and thank you for dining at his restaurant. We’re honored to have our produce on the menu of a restaurant led by such great attention to detail and passion for a memorable dining experience.

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