Our logo is finished

It features one of our favorite crops 🍅, the best color ever 💚, and some of bees’ favorite plants. đŸŒŒ

About the designer

Our designer is Kelley Willis from Brain Flower Designs. Kelley lives in Oregon and we fell in love with her work while we were out west. She specializes in farm logo design so it felt like we were seeing her beautiful work everywhere out there!

Kelley is an avid gardener, adventurist, and supporter of local agriculture. We knew she would be just the right person to help us wrap up our whole farm in one symbol. 

Symbols of the farm

This logo features two main symbols—cherry tomatoes and beneficial plants. 

Cherry tomatoes are our favorite crop to grow.

Yes, they are a finicky crop but bear with me. 

We spend all almost all season working on our tomatoes. We seed them in trays in March and plant them in the ground in May. Then, we wait and prune trellis, and wait and prune and trellis, and… you get the picture. 

Finally, in late July or early August, we get to harvest some of our first ones.

Here’s the thing though. When we finally get to walk the rows, plucking cherry tomatoes right from the vine and a good number ending up straight into our mouths it’s the best feeling in the world. 

Eventually, we eat too many, our stomachs hurt a little, and we finally have the ability to harvest them for the market and CSA! 😂

The other element we knew we wanted to incorporate in our logo were beneficial plants. I love all three of these plants so much! I always smile when they come into season.

  • Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia), which is native throughout the Midwest and attracts pollinators, including bees and butterflies. 🩋
  • Calendula, which attracts beneficial insects and repels unwanted ones, including the bad bugs that can negatively affect tomatoes! It is also a skin-healing herb I love to use in my soaps!Â đŸŒŒ
  • Rosemary, which attracts pollinators, adds delicious citrusy and piney flavors to our cooking, and contains powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties in its oils. What I love about the rosemary in this logo is that it is flowering—something I didn’t realize it could do until I worked on a farm! Realizing that most herbs and vegetables have a flower totally blew my mind when I first started farming.Â đŸ€Ż

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

We are totally in love with the finished product, from the shape to the symbols and colors and especially the hand-drawn appeal. We hope you like it too!

Since we had a simple stand-in logo before, the transition shouldn’t take long. We will be adding it to our website, social media, and soap packaging ASAP

What’s next?

Naturally, now that we have a logo. The next step is farm merch!

We love our logo so much we want to wear it all the time! 

We’re already working with a local screen printer to come up with a couple of shirt designs. After that we will launch a presale here on the site so keep your eyes out for that! To get notifications, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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