Putting down (garlic) roots 🧄

We have so much to share! In this newsletter, we’ll be talking about the land we plan to be farming in 2022 AND our new name. 

As you know, Carly and I have been seeking access to farmland and had a lead in Decorah, Iowa.

We are happy to share that we’ve have had the opportunity to meet with Barb Kraus, the farmer at Canoe Creek Produce—a lovely diversified vegetable farm in Decorah. Barb is at the point in her life where she’d like to take a step back from regular farm and market gardening and create opportunities for young farmers without access to land.

Carly working in one of our garlic beds

Since returning from Washington, we have had the honor of visiting her farm on multiple occasions, learning about her sustainable production methods including tons of trees and a wide range of perennial crops.

Last Saturday, while we were taking measurements of the growing blocks we plan to use in the spring, we measured out a little garlic patch consisting of five raised beds. We planted German Extra Hardy and Inchelium Red, both gifted from friends at Seed Savers. I went back today to plant two more varieties; another softneck (Tochliavri, from Eastern Germany) and another hardneck provided by Barb (Georgian Crystal).

It truly takes a village to start a farm! A big thanks to Barb and our fellow plant people in Decorah for helping us track down some last-minute garlic seed to plant.

New farm, new name

We came up with the name Wanderlust Farm as a way to share our journey to the farm here through our newsletter and on social media during the period of our life when we were living and traveling in Vietnam. Wanderlust Farm was a great way for us to explore our interests and share all the things we were learning that blew our minds (plants are so cool, you guys). We have been so glad to have all of you along for the ride!

As we attach ourselves to a single town and dedicate our efforts to a piece of land for which we are responsible, we realize that our wandering (at least in relation to farming) will cease. The name no longer fits.

We want to make Decorah our home, get to know the producers and consumers in the area, and we want a name that is both simple and unique, which is why we have decided to name our farm…

Sweet Season Farm

It’s simple, memorable, and reflective of our mission to celebrate the beautiful gift of rich soil that our home state provides. We know that not every day will be sweet on the farm, but throughout every season we will celebrate our successes as much as we mourn our losses. Not to mention, as one of our fellow farmers pointed out, when someone at the farmer’s market asks us which season is “sweet season,” we can respond with gusto; ALL OF THEM!

Over the next few weeks, we will be gradually changing our name online. But don’t worry—you’ll still find us right where you always have here in your inbox and on our social media accounts. The branding of our soap company will also change to “Sweet Season Soap Co.” bringing you the same natural soaps we always have! 

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