Week 29: Business planning presentations and our last week at OFS

We always knew the day would come, but not so soon! Graduation is this Thursday (please reply for the Zoom link) and then we’re all finished!

Last week, we presented our business plans. Thank you so much to those of you who watched live on Zoom and thanks for bearing with us through some technical difficulties! For those of you who could not join live, we will be sending out a link to the recording as soon as we have it. 

Above all, we learned how much we had grown in these last few short months. When we started the program, it was honestly really hard to admit our dream to farm. With just one season of vegetable growing under our belts and having not grown up on a farm, it was really hard not to feel like imposters. 

We spent a lot of time out in the field this season, acquiring the knowledge we needed, little by little, to begin to feel confident about our dream.

After creating our plan, we know that we definitely still don’t know everything… and we never will. But now we have the satisfaction of knowing we have done everything we can to prepare ourselves for our farming journey. Now the only thing left to do is to take the leap. 

This blog’s future

Some of you have asked if we plan to continue our newsletter after we finish the OFS program. The answer is a definite yes! 

We think this newsletter is an important part of sharing the realities of farming with you. After all, farming isn’t just perfect bunches of carrots and cute baby animals.

Though a beautiful lifestyle, farming today is more full of questions and problems than answers and solutions. During the next few months, we will have a lot of questions to address for ourselves (let’s be real—most of ours right now pertain to money) and we think it’s important to share the struggles we and millions of other farmers across the globe face in bringing food to the table. 

Getting home

We will leave Washington next Monday and arrive in Iowa midweek. After a busy season where we didn’t always have time to keep in touch, we are so excited to see all of you! We are also excited to settle into our new home in Decorah and hope you’ll visit us there.

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