What’s going right

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up looking at the things that go wrong on the farm—weedy beds, pests, and green tomatoes that feel like they will never ripen.

Being a first year farm business owner sure isn’t easy!

That’s when I feel lucky to be farming together with Ethan. When one of us is down about something, we’re always reminding each other of all the things going right all around us. Did the every single thing we did for the farm this year work out? No, but we…

  • Have a bunch of big, gorgeous onions on the way
  • Have been to every farmer’s market this year
  • Have so many beautiful tomatoes that will ripen in their own perfect time
  • Have treated our CSA customers to some rockin’ boxes
  • Are trying new things and learning all the time
  • Are always scheming big plans for the future
  • Are still in love with doing this crazy farming thing every single day!

Thank you for supporting us and our farm on this amazing journey. It means the world to us!

Despite everything, what’s one thing going right for you right now?

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